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Kepple Medical Billing is…

A full service Medical Billing and Practice Solutions Company located in Peoria, Illinois where quality and compliance go hand in hand.

It is getting harder and harder to get paid. Carriers are reducing their fee schedules, implementing increasingly complex rules and guidelines for what they will pay for and when they will pay it. They are holding onto your money for as long as they can.

The only way to get properly reimbursed is to know the rules and to apply them exactly. Let Kepple Medical Billing be your ally in the battle to be fully and accurately compensated for all that you do.

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Federal officials and other ICD-10 proponents say the upgrade must happen because the current system is nearly 30 years old, and its approximately 16,000 procedure and diagnosis codes are insufficient. ICD-10 has roughly 155,000 codes, including about 68,000 diagnostic codes

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“After working almost three years with Kepple Medical Billing…we can unequivocally recommend them. Our experience has been that they are consistently professional, attentive and knowledgeable”

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